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random change of psi and error code 01 announcement

 Got everything installed, including the back plate for the RVi3 to press against.  Setup up the command center and paired the unit.  We have an 05 Escape hybrid with assisted braking.  Although they are assisted they are pretty hard to press during normal driving.  Put the psi settings at 5 then 10 then 15 then 20, in attempts to get the braking feel set up correctly.  However, several times when we were trying to use the higher PSI, and we could feel no difference with the test or during actual braking,  we would go into the command center and see it had reset back to 5psi.  We tried changing the setting and resetting the brake unit and nothing felt different.  When we did the "test", only the inner ring would light up and it was very difficult to tell, but it was engaging.  Doing the test in a static(non-moving) state, at 5 or 10 psi, it did not press hard enough to even make the brake lights come on.  It did press hard enough for the brake light to come on at 15 and 20..  D actual braking, even hard braking, only the inner ring would light and it really did not feel like the unit was braking the car much.  SO, we thought since the braking pedal was hard or stiff during normal driving, we would try the vacuum setting for small car.  Boy did it lock 'em up even under mild braking at 15 mph.  OK.  so to really see what was going on, we drove around the local area with the different psi settings or at least trying to use different settings.    I sat in the car while the wife drove the motor home up to ~35mph and had her apply the brakes at different rates.  The unit was braking but it appeared to be very little and it would give an audiable of error code 0001 and said to power of and reset.  I did that three times and still kept giving the error warning.  Now when I reset it to vacuum,. it slammed on the brakes, the tires locked up and no error code warning and this was at 25mph.    

So, what do think is happening with  the unit resetting back to 5psi  or causing the error code and why does the error code not get displayed on the command center.  (I did check and we were paired and I was sitting 2 feet away). I did look at the logs and it shows all the reset profiles (psi adjustments) and power on/off..etc... but no error or warnings.... 

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Thanks for writing in! I'm truly sorry to hear about the issues you've been facing with your RVibrake. The psi switching back to 5 on the tablet is a bug that we are currently working on resolving. I will give you a call shortly and help find a solution to some of the other frustrations you mentioned, such as the error code 01. The good news is that there is a manual mode on the RVibrake3, this way you can bypass the tablet glitch and manually set the brake to "active, 15/20 psi." 

Again, I will give you a call soon to walk through some troubleshooting steps and explain the RVibrake "manual mode." Sorry again for the inconvenience, we will have this bug fixed very soon. 

All the best, 


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