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Alternative power for RVI Brake

Is there any adapter that would power the RVI Brake through USB or something similar?

I recently replaced the rusty 12v power outlet in my Jeep Wrangler with a dual USB 3.0 outlet. It dawned on me later that night that the ONLY way to power the RVI Brake is through the old 12v cigarette light style power outlet which I just removed. So at this moment I have no way to power the brake in my towed vehicle.

I have ordered a USB to 12v 8w converter that I think might work but thought I'd ask here if you have other people who do not have the old 12v style outlets. If so, how do you suggest they power the RVI Brake? Has anyone tried the aforementioned adapter?

A few options I've explored:

1. USB to 12v power outlet converter

2. Install a new 12v power outlet

3. External battery bank with 12v power outlet

Thanks for any help and advice you can provide.

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