Q. Why do I need RVibrake3?

A. For safety and it is required by law (throughout most of North America). 

Many people are towing a car behind their motorhomes with Tow Bars or A-Frames. A towed vehicle becomes "dead weight" behind a motorhome and will push on the coach as it tries to slow down or stop. In many cases, the towed vehicle can put so much stress on the motor coach's brakes that they may fade or completely fail. 


The additional weight of the towed vehicle also greatly increases the distance it takes to stop the motorhome. RVibrake3 takes the entire weight of the towed vehicle off the motor coach's overburdened brakes. RVibrake3 greatly reduces your stopping distance by reducing the added weight of the towed vehicle for a safer more secure stop. (See Towing Safety)


It is the law
It is the law in 49 of the 50 states, and all of Canada. (See State by State Towing Laws)