Q. Will RVibrake3 fit in my vehicle?

A. Yes. RVibrake3 fits in all vehicles. If needed a beautifully engineered custom stop plate will be created for the towed vehicle to ensure proper installation. A custom stop plate is needed in about 5-10% of all towed vehicles. To see if your vehicle needs additional hardware visit our Specific Vehicle Products page.

Q. Is RVibrake3 easily transferable between most vehicles?

A. Yes. RVibrake3 is small, lightweight, and fully adjustable to accommodate the different needs of each towed vehicle. Setup and removal can both be done in about 30 seconds.

Q. Is RVibrake3 a proportional system?

 A.  Yes. RVibrake3 is the only portable braking system that is truly proportional. RVibrake3 installs against the floor pan (the rise in the floor where the driver’s seat is mounted) keeping RVibrake3 stationary. This allows all the of the force of RVibrake3 to go against the brake pedal. Other braking systems install against seat cushions, which actually absorb force and create movement upon activation.