Q. How long does it take to setup RVibrake3?

A. Setup and removal can both be done in about 30 seconds.

Q. Is there any installation to the motorhome?

A. No. RVibrake3 is installed in the towed vehicle. The Command Center tablet is plugged in to the 12-volt receptacle of the motorhome to view and adjust RVibrake3 settings.

Q. How do I pair Command Center to RVibrake3?

A. Pairing is simple:

  1. Plug in and setup RVibrake3 in the towed vehicle. 
  2. Click ADD DEVICE on the tablet dashboard. This will walk you through the pairing process.
  3. Boom! You’re a genius!

Q. Can I setup or change the settings of my RVibrake3 without my tablet?

A. Yes, should something happen to your Command Center tablet or hub, you can press and hold the “Auto Position” button for 10 seconds and the Audio Assistant will walk you through changing the settings on your RVibrake3.