Q. How does RVibrake3 know when to brake, since it is not connected to the motorhome?

A.  RVibrake3 is an inertia-activated system designed to detect brakings. This allows RVibrake3 to take the weight of the towed vehicle off your motorhome every time it activates.  

Q. What if I set up RVibrake3 incorrectly in my towed vehicle?

A.  Not a problem. RVibrake3's Audio Assistant will alarm immediately in case of Brake Lock being detected.

Q. Will RVibrake3 ride the brakes down steep grades?

A. No. RVibrake3 applies the brakes in the towed vehicle only when you apply the brakes in the motorcoach. RVibrake3's advanced software adjusts for slope, whether you’re going uphill or down. Downshifting or using exhaust brakes will not engage RVibrake3.

Q. Will RVibrake3 wear down my car battery?

A. No. Depending on your towed vehicle's make and model, you may tow for 1-2 days without having to worry about the battery in the towed vehicle. There are two things that can affect your towed battery:  

1) If you have a vehicle that requires putting your key in the accessory position with a high amp draw, we make a product called the Towed Battery Charger + that will keep your battery topped off.

2) Life of the battery can also affect performance.

Q. My towed vehicle engine is not running. Will RVibrake3 still have the power to operate the brakes without vacuum assist?

A. Yes. RVibrake3 is specifically designed to push with enough force to overcome the absence of vacuum assist. 

Q. Since RVibrake3 is an inertia-activated system, will I get any unwanted braking on bumpy roads?

A. No. RVibrake3 uses the highest level of technology available. The surge suppressor inside the unit will not engage unnecessarily on bumpy roads, bridges, or railroad tracks. 

Q. How does RVibrake3 interact with my anti-lock braking system (ABS)? 

A.  When the engine of the towed vehicle is not running, the ABS, which is an electrical feature, is not functioning. If the ignition is on but the engine is off, ABS is active

Q. What if I only want the RVibrake3 to perform during panic stops and breakaways?

A. No problem. Just choose the SENSITIVITY setting of PANIC. Here's how the sensitivity works:

  • NORMAL: RVi3 will perform 60-70% of the time you put your foot on the brake pedal in the motorhome. The rule of thumb in NORMAL is, if you feel your chest getting gently pulled forward in a braking then the RVi3 will brake. The harder you feel your chest getting pulled forward the bigger the graph will grow.
  • PANIC: RVi3 will only perform in a panic stop. In this type of braking you definitely don't have time to look at the monitor.