Q. How long will it take for Tire Patrol to initially pair with the Command Center Tablet?  

A. Initial pairing depends on the number of sensors, but each sensor starts transmitting and pairing as soon as it's threaded on.

Q. When I power down the tablet or Command Center, or should one of them lose power, will the sensors automatically re-connect?  

A. Yes! After the Command Center is turned back on, the sensors will begin to re-connect. Re-connection is usually established within 2-4 minutes.

Q. Will the sensors re-connect with Command Center if I unthread the sensors from the valve stems and re-thread them on?  

A. Yes, but before you thread the sensors back on, you'll need to make sure the Command Center hub and tablet are plugged in and powered on.

Q. How many tires can I monitor at once with Command Center and Tire Patrol?  

A. 14. The 4-pack is designed specifically for any trailers, fifth wheels or towed vehicles with four wheels. The 6-pack is designed specifically for motorhomes, travel trailers, and fifth wheels with six tires. The Tag-pk 2 and 4 are designed to be used with the 6-pk for motorhomes with 8 and 10 tires.