Q. My towed vehicle already has factory tire pressure sensors. Will they work with the Command Center?

A. No, sensors made by your towed vehicle manufacturer only communicate with the on-board computer in the vehicle. If you want to monitor your tire pressure sensors from your coach using the Command Center, then you would need the the Tire Patrol.

Q.  I have tire pressure sensors on my towed vehicle made by another company. Will they work with the Command Center?
 No, the Command Center is only designed to communicate with the Tire Patrol and other "Works with Command Center" products

Q. Will Tire Patrol work with any type of valve stems

A. Yes, the light weight design of the Tire Patrol sensors are compatible with all valve stem types

Note: Make sure the Schrader valve (push valve) in the valve stem is recessed and doesn't stick out above the lip of the valve stem. Failure to do so can lead to air leak if the sensor can't be threaded down all the way to make a good seal.