Q. Are Tire Patrol batteries self-replaceable?

A. No, the batteries are not self-replaceable. In an effort to prolong the life of the sensors,  they are permanently sealed to keep out water and prevent corrosion. Tire Patrol batteries should last around one year if you thread them on and never take them off, and up to 3 years if you take them off regularly when not towing.

Q. Since the batteries aren't self-replaceable, what do I do when they die?

A. We have a battery replacement program. When the time comes, you'll simply head over HERE and place an order for battery replacement sensors. There's no need to send anything back to us - we're actually sending you a fresh set, just at the cost of parts. If you have any questions about this process, you can also contact our Customer Service Champions at (800) 815-2159.

Q. Do I need to re-balance my tires after I install the Tire Patrol Sensors?

A. No, the lightweight design does not affect the balance of the tires.

Q. Are Tire Patrol sensors compatible with nitrogen-filled tires?

A. Yes, nitrogen and tire pressure monitoring systems are completely compatible. A tire pressure system works exactly the same regardless of whether the tires are filled with air or nitrogen.