Q. What is the tablet’s battery life?  

A. The Command Center tablet has a battery life of up to 2-3 hours.

Q. How many products can the tablet handle?  

A. The Command Center has unlimited product expansion. As new "Works with Command Center" products hit the market, then you simply connect them to your Command Center.

Q. How does the Command Center Network prevent communication issues?  

A. Command Center's encrypted Wi-Fi network allows each product to relay data on behalf of other products to the tablet. Through a mesh network, if one product is having trouble communicating to the Command Center hub, then another "Works with Command Center" product will help that data reach the hub. 

Q. How do I pair the Command Center tablet and hub?  

A. Command Center tablet and hub are paired at the factory. You do not have to pair them unless instructed by a tech support rep.