Q. Why does my tablet die even though it's plugged in and charging? 

A. If you are using the RVi charger and USB cable, and the power source isn't keeping up with the power demand, this typically means that the outlet you are using is not providing enough current flow. The tablet needs about 900 mAh when both screen and wifi are active. It is recommended to use an outlet with output power of 5V/1.5A.

However, there are 3 things to check:

  1. Try another USB cable in the same outlet.
  2. Try another charger in the same outlet.
  3. Try the RVi charger and USB cable in 110v outlet.

(Note: It is our experience that when NOT using the RVi charger, but instead plugging the RVi USB cable into the RV's factory USB outlet, that there is not enough current supply to power the tablet or hub.)