Q. Why do I need the Breakaway Wireless Adapter? 

A. Breakaway Wireless Adapter installs near your towed vehicle's battery and connects wirelessly with the RVibrake3, eliminating the frustration of drilling through the firewall in your engine compartment. This saves time and difficult yoga positions under your hood and steering wheel. You can install the Breakaway Wireless Adapter in about 2 minutes versus 30+ minutes without it.

B. You are going to prolong the life of your breakaway and your brake because you are not plugging something in every time. 

Q. If I own an RVibrake3 is the Breakaway Wireless Adapter required?

A. No. All models of RVibrake3 comes with a wired breakaway system. We do recommend using the Breakaway Wireless Adapter, however, because it is extremely convenient.